Your Legacy and Me

Jackie Young, b. 1941

Jackie Young was born in Austria, Vienna during the war. As a baby, he was left in a Jewish orphanage. In 1942, he was taken from the orphanage and deported to Terezin. He spent the next few years in Terezin Ghetto and Camp until he was brought to England on a British Government initiative allowing 1,000 young    Holocaust Survivors to settle in Britain, commonly known as ‘The Boys’. He was placed in West Sussex, under the supervision of Anna Freud, and put up with some of the youngest survivors in a home named Bulldogs Bank. Jackie was adopted when he was 6 years old, having no recollection of his past at all. It wasn’t until he wanted to get married that he found early documents detailing his past. Since then he has continued piecing together his past to find out more about his life, family and identity.

Jackie Young’s legacy is continued here by Isobel Smeeth, Benjamin Thomas, Victor Gaino and Billy Sumner.