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Light from Darkness: The Project

On any visit to our museum, in person or virtual, you will come across the contributions of our speakers. The objects that you discover, the temporary exhibitions you explore, the events you attend; the museum would be a different place without them. The name of this exhibition ‘Light from Darkness’ reflects how these individuals have experienced darkness in their childhood, yet today bring light through Holocaust Education.

When we listen to the testimonies these individuals give, so often the story ends with the end of the Holocaust. Yet 76 years on they dedicate so much time to sharing this story. What motivates these individuals to tell their story? What does Holocaust Education mean to them? What have they gone on to do since the Holocaust ended? How do they define themselves, 76 years on?

For this temporary online exhibition we are displaying portraits of speakers. These individuals are not strangers to having their photograph shared by museums and the media. Between them they have featured in exhibitions and news stories around the world, often linked to the testimonies they share.

Yet in this exhibition these photographs are not labelled with their experiences in the Holocaust. Instead we have asked each individual to choose their own label. Labels that tell the story of what they have gone on to do. Some have chosen being a parent or spouse. Some have chosen their careers, some their volunteer work. Whilst they share the label of Holocaust Education Speaker, their stories are all very different and so are their labels.