Workers’ Circle Friendly Society

Membership cards from the Workers' Circle

A set of 203 Membership cards were recently rediscovered in our Collections Store. Having previously all been catalogued under one ID number, this project involved our Collections Placement  scanning and digitising the information contained within these record. These records reveal information about members of the Workers’ Circle Friendly Society throughout the 1960s and 1970s, with the earliest card dating back to 1910.

By gathering together this information into a simplified spreadsheet, we are now able to interpret the data to get a sense of what membership of the society looked like during these periods; how old were the majority of members? How large were their families?  What kind of occupations did they have? Who were they leaving their money to?

Work has been undertaken to create accessible visualisations to help answer these questions and better understand the situation at the time. In turn we hope this data will inspire more research into the collection.


This project has been supported by ACE and was part of our NPO Activity Plan 2023-2024.

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