Jewish Museum London is operating as a museum without walls, as we work towards a new permanent home. In the meantime you can find us in a range of places, both in person and online.


Please find all policies in relation to the Jewish Museum London

Re-Opening Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Our official Re-opening Risk Assessment and Schools Risk Assessment have been reviewed by our external health and safety consultant as well as going under constant review if there are any changes to government guidelines.

Official COVID 19 Risk Assessment and Schools Risk Assessment

Safeguarding Policy

JML Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Statement – LIVE

Digital Safeguarding Policy

Digital Safeguarding Guidelines

Care and Conservation Policy

The museum’s collections are at the heart of our work and our Care and Conservation Policy outlines our efforts to preserve our collections for future generations.

Care and Conservation Policy, 2013 (PDF)

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In the event of cancelling a programmed event for which you have bought a ticket, you may be entitled to a refund. Our Cancellation and Refund Policy outlines the details  of the requirements for a refund.

Cancellation and Refund Policy (PDF)

Collection Development Policy

Our renowned collection is ever expanding, but like most museums we have to ensure that each and every object we acquire has its own place and purpose in our future work.

Collections Development Policy, 2017 (Word)

Documentation Policy

In order to keep our wide collection as accessible as possible to everyone, we must keep our records of all items in order and up-to-date. Find out more below.

Documentation Policy, 2017 (Word)