Light from Darkness

Light from Darkness

Holocaust Memorial Day is marked annually on the 27th January, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. This year is 76 years since that liberation. Since 1945 campaigners have promoted Holocaust Education. Holocaust Survivors have been key figures in this campaign, dedicating time and energy into sharing their story. Since 1990 Holocaust Education has been a compulsory part of the National Curriculum and the first Holocaust Memorial Day was marked in 2001.

‘Light in the Darkness’

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day this year is ‘Be a Light in the Darkness’. This encourages us to reflect on the importance of Holocaust Education. The light that it brings in the darkness of today. The darkness of rising anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and the discrimination of minority groups.

The Jewish Museum London is proud to be part of a number of organisations committed to Holocaust Education along with libraries, archives, universities, schools and media stations across the world. There is one particular group of people who we could not do this without- our Holocaust Education Speakers.

Holocaust Education Speakers

Holocaust Education at the Jewish Museum London owes a huge amount to our dedicated team of speakers, past and present. Individuals including camp survivors, child refugees and hidden children, have contributed to our museum in many varied ways. This includes donating personal objects to our collection, sharing their testimony with school groups, recording their stories for our Holocaust Legacy Project, working with us on themed exhibitions and leading the candle lighting at our annual Holocaust Memorial Day events.

Below you can explore a selection of ways our Holocaust Education Speakers have contributed to our museum.

A man and a woman lighting a candle

Ann and Bob Kirk leading the candle lighting for Holocaust Memorial Day

Bea Green sharing her testimony with a school group

Lady Zahava Kohn being photographed for our Holocaust Legacy Project

Elsa Shamash recording her testimony for a temporary exhibition and school workshops

Jackie Young opening our 'Your Legacy and Me' Exhibition

Bernd Koschland speaking at an event to remember the Kindertransport

Holocaust gallery

Leon Greenman's objects displayed in our Holocaust Gallery

Ruth Barnett recording answers to questions from school children for our Holocaust Legacy Project