Our emotion is peaceful. Being peaceful means to be free and open. Peace can bring you a sense of belonging. When visiting a museum you’re expected to be informed, however it can also bring you peace. For example, religious artefacts can make you feel at home and feel more engaged with your culture/religion.

By Muhammad, Aleksandra and Ayesha.

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Silver Miniature Chanukiah

It is a small lamp which Jews use on their winter festival of lights celebrating the survival of Jewish people.

It symbolises the Hanukah festival. It allows Jews to pray and connect with God; becoming spiritually peaceful.

Muhammad Daud, Year 11

World Jewish Relief Collection Box

The object is a charity box, mainly made of metal. It has the World Jewish Relief logo on it.

World Jewish Relief is an organisation that was originally established to help refugees escape from Nazism. Nowadays, it helps Jewish communities in need.

Giving to charity can give someone a sense of peace because they know have helped someone. Therefore, the person can feel satisfied as they have made a positive impact on this world.

When was the last time you helped someone in need?

Aleksandra, Year 12


It is the Holy Book of Judaism that contains core teaching which people can use to calm themselves and connect to God as well as others around them. This spreads peace within a community.

The Torah is the key book that most Jewish people refer to, so it connects the Jewish community. It also connects  other communities such as the Islamic community, as they also refer to the Torah. Peace is therefore spread between communities as they have something in common.

Ayesha, Year 10

Coffee Set

This is a coffee set with gold covering. The matching cups were brought from Aden. The set is used to make the traditional Eastern-style coffee.

Sitting together as a group whilst having a drink could spread peace. This is because people come together and relax.

Ayesha, Year 10

Muhammed Daud, Year 11

Aleksandra, Year 12