50 Objects: 'Sport and Leisure'

Our collections demonstrate the involvement of Jewish people in sport and entertainment, with material relating to 18th century champion boxers and Yiddish theatre, which was brought to London in the late19th Century by immigrants from eastern Europe. They also illustrate the increased opportunities for the children of immigrants to enjoy their leisure time and to take holidays from the 1920s.

Russian Vapour Baths

Metal sign was used to advertise the Russian Vapour Baths in Brick Lane. These baths were more popularly known as ‘Schewzik’s’, after their owner Benjamin Schewzik

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Yiddish Typewriter

Yiddish typewriter belonged to the playwright Abish Meisels a central figure in the New Yiddish Theatre in Adler Street as a playwright and prompter.

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Mendoza Jug

Staffordshire pottery jug, dating from around 1800, depicts a famous fight between Mendoza and Richard Humphreys in 1788.

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