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Why do some Jewish people wear a kippah all the time?


Answer written 13th November 2017 on by:


Wearing a kippah can mean many things.  For some people, it is a way to proudly show their Jewish identity.  For others, it is a way to get themselves ready to perform a religious act such as prayer.  A kippah is a way to show respect to God by acknowledging that God is always above you. Covering one’s head is often a sign of respect in many different religions, including Judaism. Traditionally only men and boys wear a kippah, but in Reform or Liberal communities women may also choose to wear a kippah to show their respect for God.

Some Jewish people will only wear a kippah when they are doing something religious as they feel this helps them separate religious activities from secular activities. However, other Jewish people prefer to wear their kippah all the time as they believe it is important to show respect to God at all times, not only during religious activities. This choice is a personal preference depending on your family and traditions and the personal choices you make.


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