Say hello to our new Late event team!

by Mathilde Lester, UCL Museum Studies MA Student and Project Manager for the Jewish Museum London’s Claytime Late

Hello everyone. We are five masters
students from UCL, Museum Studies, here to organise a Late Night evening on 2 February to coincide with Shaping Ceramics: From Lucie Rie
to Edmund de Waal


Over the next few weeks, we will update this blog with
our happenings and going-ons, introducing you to bands, food and artists. Our
aim: to bring the museum to life on the night of the 2 February
with colour and music and clay. 

So far, we’ve written hundreds of ideas onto
sticky notes, stuck them onto large sheets of paper, and circled our favourites
with sketches. It was so much fun, and only the beginning. Think animation, and
mud and (maybe) ice-cream. We are really excited. And hope you will be too.

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