Your Jewish Museum – Exhibiting Love and Journeys

by Carolyn Rosen, Project Manager for Your Jewish Museum

It has been a delight and a privilege to manage the Your Jewish Museum exhibitions thus far.  I’m very pleased with the reception of Your Jewish Museum: Love – it was a joy to see contributing lenders and artists come together at the opening event, sharing a bit more
about their contributions to the show and asking questions about different
pieces whose stories caught their eye.

Exhibition organisers celebrating at the opening of Your Jewish Museum: Love L-R: Aaron Rosen,
Carolyn Rosen, Joanne Rosenthal, and Rosie Parker

found the Love project a surprising
catalyst for expanding my own ideas about devotional love as well as romantic
love. I’ve really enjoyed showing friends and colleagues around the exhibit in subsequent
weeks, as well as receiving notes and emails from acquaintances who went to see
the space and found it a truly wonderful experience.

me, the most moving aspect of the show is just how open the participants were
willing to be about their own stories, and how they trusted our curatorial team
to honour those.  


to say, I am eagerly awaiting the Journeys show! Thus far we have been
contacted with film submissions, objects of deep personal significance, photographic
works, two-dimensional works of art, travel document and identity card
submissions. Some of the sub-themes that have developed as a result of the
submissions are Walls, Wanderings, Pilgrimage, Personal Transformation and

the moment, I am particularly excited about submissions we have received from
interested members of the public, friends of other faiths, museum volunteers,
and members of community and public outreach organizations. I look forward to
welcoming more submissions before the deadline passes on 15 March 2015!

Submit your own object for Your Jewish Museum: Journeys here. 

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