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F. Moore

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This is a hand-embroidered kippah made for Trans Pride 2022, embroidered in the colours of the trans flag.

Kippah (also known in Yiddish as yarmulke) is a small hat or head covering worn as a sign of respect and reverence to G-d. It is a reminder of the presence of the Shaddai. It is worn when praying, studying Torah, entering a synagogue or saying a blessing. Some people decide to wear it at all times (except when sleeping or bathing), some may hide it under a hat and other may only wear it on festival and special occasions e.g., Yom Kippur service, weddings etc.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of kippot’s (plural of kippah) designs depending on the personal preference.

The designer and wearer of this kippah identifies as Trans. They are part of the Liberal Jewish Community. The Liberal Jewish Community was one of the first religious communities in Judaism and wider religion, to openly support LGBTQ+ rights. They officiate all types of marriage and unions, including those of non-binary, same-sex and heterosexual relationships. They also officiate civil partnerships. Within the Liberal Jewish Community, there are numerous rabbis who identify as LGBTQ+.

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How does this image represent your Jewish identity?

My transness is a sacred and intrinsic part of my Jewish identity.

Why is this image important to you?

It links my trans and Jewish identities.

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