Morning Minyan at Singers Hill Synagogue

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Rabbi Yossi Jacobs

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This is a photograph of a morning minyan at Singers Hill Synagogue, Birmingham.

The Singers Hill Synagogue is an Orthodox Synagogue built in 1856. It is home to the Birmingham Hebrew congregation.

A minyan is the minimum number of people necessary to start a public service. In this Synagogue, a minyan is made up of 10 men.

The men in this image are wearing traditional clothing worn during services; tallit, kippah and tefillin.
The tallit (plural tallitot) is a Jewish prayer shawl that has fringes, called tzitzit, tied in each of its four corners. The tzitzit are a physical representation of the 613 commandments in the Torah.
The kippah (plural kippot) is a small hat or head covering worn as a sign of respect and reverence to G-d. In Orthodox communities, only men wear a kippah and some keep it on at all times.
Tefillin are the black boxes and straps wrapped around the men’s heads and arms. They are worn during morning services except on Shabbat or festivals. Inside the black boxes are handwritten parchments with texts containing paragraphs of the Shema.

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