Kente Bat Mitzvah Invite

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M. Lomotey

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Ghanaian Jews: original Bat Mitzvah invitation featuring Ghanaian kente print.

This is a Bat Mitzvah invite that belongs to Kesia, a Ghanaian Jewish young lady. Kesia celebrated her Bat Mitzvah on 17th December 2016. To reflect her Jewish identity, Kesia’s invite features an illustration of a Ghanaian woman, sporting a Kente head wrap. Kente is a vibrant, colourful fabric that originates from the Akan Tribe of Ghana.

Kesia is a member of the Reform Jewish Community. In both Reform and Liberal Judaism, girls are able to have their very own Coming of Age Ceremony, named the Bat Mitzvah (Daughter of the Commandment). The Bat Mitzvah takes place when a girl is 12 years old. Boys, however, have their Bar Mitzvah (Son of the Commandment) ceremony when they are 13 years old

Hear from the donor

What does Judaism mean to you?

I once read Judaism is an attitude to reality, I concur with this summation.

All of my life is centred on this aspect of my identity which is inextricably linked to all the other parts of how I identify; the scientist, the Black man in a white world, the parent, the brother, son, spouse, climate activist, Jew.

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