Do you have a question about the Image Library, copyright or how to teach inclusively? Check out our FAQs below.

Who is the Inclusive Image Library for?

The Inclusive Judaism Image Library is for the use of teachers and students to support their understanding of the diversity within Judaism. Before downloading these images, you will be asked to clarify that you will be using these images for educational purposes only. To ensure this, you will be requested to share your name, email and school email address.

How do I download an image?

Select the image you wish to download on the Image Library. To the right hand side, you will see a drop down box which reads ‘Download image’. Provide the requested details and select ‘download.’ The image should then be downloaded directly to your device. Download of images is free to teachers.

How should I use these images?

The images on the Inclusive Judaism Image Library are to be used by teachers to support their teaching of Judaism in the classrooms, in an inclusive way. Each image is accompanied with ‘object information’ which will further detail facts about the curriculum-link and the relevant worldview(s) in the image. Use these images in your classrooms for discussion, presentations, homework activities and more!

How can I learn more about diversity in the Jewish community?

Each image is accompanied with ‘object information’ which will further detail facts about the relevant curriculum-link and worldview(s) in the image. You will also be able to access further ‘Inclusive Judaism’ objects, resources, podcasts via the ‘Resource’ tab on the Inclusive Judaism homepage – this will direct you to Inclusive Judaism items on the Learning Portal. The Jewish Museum London runs regular Inclusive Judaism Teachers CPD Sessions to best provide teachers with the tools they need to teach Judaism inclusively in their classroom, using these images. You can find our latest Teachers CPDs here: Events Archive – The Jewish Museum London

What is the lightbox feature?

The lightbox feature allows you to save all your most relevant pictures together. All photos saved to the lightbox will remain there regardless if you reload your page, or cancel your page. Your lightbox is personal to each desktop and therefore, you will not have access to your saved pictures if you were to sign on via another device. There is an option to remove images from lightbox when they are no longer relevant to you.

Can I use these images for personal use?

These images should not be used for personal use. They must not be shown on your personal sites, spaces or pages. These images are strictly for educational purposes, to be used by teachers or students within a formal learning environment.

Can I use these images for media purposes?

No. These images should not be used for media purposes. To lease images for media purposes visit or contact [email protected]

Who owns these images?

These images are jointly owned by the image donor and the Jewish Museum London. In some cases, the image rights also belong to the photographer, too. All image rights are connected to the metadata of the image. When downloaded, right click the image and select ‘properties’ to see the copyright holder and author of the images.

Can I submit images to this project?

Of course! If you are part of the Jewish community, and have digital images that represent Judaism (festivals, life cycle events or synagogues) and reflect the diversity of the community, then get in contact with us at [email protected].

Will the Inclusive Judaism Image Library be updated?

Yes! The Image Library will continue to be updated by the Jewish Museum London Team with contemporarily collected image from the UK’s vibrant Jewish community – so, continue to watch this space!