Jewish Museum - London


Comic Book Artists in Residence - Tasreen Rahman

Date: Sunday 26 August 2018

Time: 1-4pm

Price: This event is free to attend. There is an admission charge to see the museum galleries.

Categories: talks free for friends live demonstrations

This is your chance to watch a Comic Book Artist in action. They will be creating their own cartoons, as well as responding to the galleries and visitors – you may end up as a work of art yourself!  

Tasreen Rahman 

I’m Tasreen. I’m a design graduate from Goldsmiths University of London. I am a designer. (What kind of design?) I try to practice all-encompassing-inter-disciplinary-unorthodox-playful-can’t-really-be-categorised kind of design… but really, I’m just a narrative enthusiast having a go at creating comics. I’m really interested in human behaviours and conversations - we’re just so complex and weird as a species, it’s fascinating and makes for such great comic book content. 

Comics are unapologetic/unfiltered, lighthearted and funny. The format is great for exploring complexities – like conversations on taboo topics that we need to have but because they’re so uncomfortably complex, we might avoid. Comics covering these topics can offer readers a new perspective on the admittedly overwhelming complexities of modern existence – something that Alan Moore states we’ve retreated from in recent years as a result of the pure-escapism we get from comics.  

Currently, comics do address individual micro-narratives in relation to a macro narrative, but by failing to clearly emphasise that the macro affects the micro more than vice versa, there seems to be a gap for stories encouraging people to both escape and then reflect. These are themes I explore in my very own comic, X-Y-Z.  

And finally above all else, I really love penguins. 

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