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Blood: Uniting & Dividing

At Galicia Jewish Museum Kraków, until 31 October 2018
Previously at POLIN Museum Warsaw, 13 October 2017 – 29 January 2018

This cutting edge exhibition examines the provocative and complex subject of blood. Blood draws together art, film and literature to present a rich exploration of how blood can unite and divide.

Looking at the theme through the lens of Jewish religion, culture and history, the exhibition reflects on how blood is an essential part of life as well as integral to rituals about food, sex, and circumcision.

Exhibitions for hire

We have a variety of touring exhibitions on different themes available for hire. These are suitable for display in museums, schools, colleges, libraries, synagogues and other public venues.

Some focus on different aspects of the fascinating story of the Jewish community in Britain. Others relate to stories of immigration and the Holocaust and carry powerful messages against prejudice and racism.

The Holocaust and Second World War

Champion of the Child – Janusz Korczak

Champion of the child exhibition image

A pioneer of children’s rights and a key influence in the 1979 UN Convention on Children’s Rights, Janusz Korczak (1879-1942) devoted his life to the rights and well-being of children, regardless of nationality or religion. This exhibition tells the inspirational story of his life and work with the children of Warsaw, his death – together with the orphans in his care – at the hands of the Nazis, and his continuing legacy worldwide. It raises challenging issues relating to children’s rights today.

25 freestanding banners 80 cm x 180 cm

The Last Goodbye – The Rescue of Children from Nazi Europe

Jewish Refugee Children at English Camp

January 1939, near Harwich, England, UK — An Estonian teacher rings the dinner bell for Jewish refugee children at Dovercourt Camp. Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

The story of the 10,000 unaccompanied child refugees admitted to Britain on the Kindertransport, highlighting issues relating to prejudice, racism and indifference. An education resource with the same title is also avaliable.

15 freestanding banners 80 cm x 180 cm

‘The Boys’ – Triumph over Adversity

The boys exhibition image

The story of a group of teenage Holocaust survivors admitted to Britain after the Second World War, produced in association with the book by eminent historian Sir Martin Gilbert.

12 panels. Hanging system: Velcro or eyelets 60 cm x 84 cm

The Promise

After surviving years in hiding and internment in Auschwitz, Eva Schloss visited the home in which her brother and father had hidden – they had perished tragically only weeks before liberation – and discovered over thirty paintings by her brother hidden beneath the floorboards. This exhibition tells the story of Eva, her brother Heinz, and the artistic talent he cultivated in captivity and she salvaged from obscurity through reproductions of his astonishing paintings.

12 freestanding banners 84 cm x 215 cm

Photographic exhibitions

Abayudaya – The Jews of Uganda

Photographs by Rena Pearl of Ugandan Jews, whose knowledge and practice of Judaism developed in isolation over several generations, without any significant contact with world Jewry until the 1990s.

Please contact for details about quantity and size of photographs.

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