How your Virtual Classroom Works

How your Virtual Classroom Works

How your virtual classroom works

Welcome to the Jewish Museum London Virtual Classroom. Our award-winning school programme is here to assist you in teaching expert Judaism Religious Education and Holocaust history via distance learning.

Our programmes are age appropriate for Key Stage 1 – 5 with additional expertise in GCSE studies.

All our virtual classrooms are multi-sensory and object based to inspire and motivate your students with their education.

Established in immersive environments, interpretative videos and first person encounters with the real, our authentic learning experiences will help improve perceptions of minority groups, develop creativity and allow exploration of Jewish faith, values, culture and history.

What happens in the virtual classroom experience? 

  1. Each experience will start with a teacher pack sent directly to you. This pack will include everything you need to know including pre and post activities and our digital safeguarding guidelines. Click here read to read the Virtual Classroom Teacher Pack.
  2. The pack will include a link to a pre-activity for your students to do. Each activity has been designed for students to be able to self-lead but they can also be done as a class. Each activity is specific to the topic you have selected.
  3. On the day of your facilitated virtual classroom experience you will enter a locked classroom on Zoom. We have a digital safeguarding policy in place to ensure safety of using this site which will be shared with you as part of a risk assessment (there are alternatives to Zoom if required including Microsoft Teams and Webex). Teachers enter the classroom first and then once all students enter the classroom the room is locked so no one else can enter. The class will start and last 45 minutes-1 hour and will be based in sensory and object exploration and led by an expert educator. Together we explore unique objects that relate to your chosen topic, facilitate discussion on complex topics and broaden your students’ understanding and reinforce classroom learning. These encounters with the real will bring your topic to life.
  4. At the end of the session you and your students will be directed to a follow up activity that you can use as either individual self-led or as a group learning activity. You will also have access to this activity in your pack.

How to book 

  • Step 1: Visit the Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Jewish Schools or Teachers page to find out what we can offer you.
  • Step 2: Look through the workshops and select which are most curriculum relevant to your teaching this term.
  • Step 3: Go to the booking page and send us the information so that we can start your booking. We will be in touch within 3 working days.

Please note our Virtual Classrooms accommodate up to 35 students plus a teacher.


The museum runs an expert-led learning facility and we are also an independent charity. Thanks to funding we receive via Department for Education, Arts Council England and John Lyons we are able to subside the costs for many state schools in London.

If costs are a barrier to your booking then please still make an enquiry as we have a bursary scheme in place during Covid-19 lockdown for schools.

> Download the workshop pricing chart here

*All prices excluding VAT 

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