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Ukraine: Holocaust and Memory

Explore the evolution of the practices of Holocaust remembrance and its public discourse in Ukraine with a panel discussion by Professor Philippe Sands, Dr Sofiya Dyak and Nikita Kadan.

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Griselda Pollock: Where does Charlotte Salomon’s unique modernist artwork fit into today’s histories? – SOLD OUT

Charlotte Salomon produced arguably some of the most monumental and philosophical Modernist art works of the twentieth century in an intensive period of creativity between 1940-42 and yet very few people are aware of her. Griselda Pollock asks why this female Jewish artist, working in exile during the Nazi occupation of Europe, has been maligned and forgotten from Jewish history, Feminist history and Art history.

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The Haggadah from Ihringen: A “Budget” Illuminated Manuscript

Four Passover Haggadahs known to us were copied and illustrated by the scribe Abraham from Ihringen. The first one was completed in 1740. The last dated Haggadah, now exhibited in the Jewish Museum of London, was made in 1756. Over the course of that period, Abraham’s style evolved, but his essential visual model remained unchanged.

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