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It’s About Bloody Time, Period

Emma Barnett demands more period talk. The woman's hour host's, new book “It’s about bloody time, period” asks why we’ve clammed up about menstruation.

Emma will share what she learned at her Jewish wedding classes where she was shocked to learn the laws about periods - including visiting the Mikveh, a ritual bath, and not being able to serve her husband a steak.

She will be in conversation with Orthodox Rabbi-in-training, Miriam Lorie who teaches these classes and thinks the laws can be re-understood for the modern world. Florence Schecter, Founder and Director of the Vagina Museum will chair the event.

We invite people of all genders (including people who don't have periods) to come and hear Emma recount some of the funniest, most shocking and saddest stories as she and Miriam share their perspectives, figuring out together how Judaism can do periods better.

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