Decorated Sukkah at Singers Hill Synagogue

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Rabbi Y. Jacobs

L.Taylor, Birmingham Hebrew Congregation, Singers Hill Synagogue

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This image shows a sukkah decorated by members of Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham. The sukkah shares one of its walls with the synagogue.

The festival of Sukkot occurs from the 15th-22nd of Tishrei, which usually falls around September or October. It is a harvest festival and a time to remember when the Jewish people in the Torah spent 40 years wandering in the desert. The Jewish people lived in temporary shelters made from branches. These ‘booths’ are called Sukkot in Hebrew. Today, Jewish people all over the world build sukkot outside their homes to remember how G-d protected them and cared for them in the wilderness.

Traditionally, a sukkah is decorated colourfully. Here, one can see bright images of the community’s children on the far wall, fruit baskets and flowers on the tables. There are also different fruit, vegetables, and leaves hanging from the roof. The roof covering, known as ‘s’chach’ in Hebrew, is typically made from bamboo slats or palm leaves. These materials are arranged so one is able to see the stars through the roof.

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