Braille Hebrew Alphabet

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HC 630

Jewish Museum London

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This is a picture of a piece of paper with the Braille Hebrew Alphabet on it. It is from the Jewish Blind Institute NYC.

The Hebrew Alphabet, also called the Aleph Bet, is used for different languages such as biblical and modern Hebrew, Yiddish, Aramaic and Ladino.

This piece of paper shows the characters of the Aleph Bet in Braille which is a form of written language used by people who are visually impaired. The characters are represented by raised dots that can be felt with the fingertips.

Therefore, it gives people who are visually impaired the opportunity to read Hebrew.

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Inclusive Judaism aims to increase understanding of the diversity within Judaism in the classroom and beyond. Therefore, it is important to us to show objects that represent different parts of Jewish life like, in this case, education.

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