Witness the Witness

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Discover the enormity of the Holocaust from one person’s story. Your students will have the unique opportunity to meet a Holocaust Survivor or a refugee from Nazi-occupied Europe. How did they settle in Britain and what impact did their experiences of war-torn Europe have on their later life?

Explore the testimony of one individual to gain a deeper understanding of what life was like for Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe and how they managed to escape and find refuge in Britain.

Reflect on the story of an individual and have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with an eye witness. This is an encounter that will stay with you and your students forever.

Please Note: We request that your students are well acquainted with the topic before meeting a speaker so they can gain the most from this unique experience. We strongly recommend students take part in the Never Again Auschwitz workshop before meeting a survivor. If this is not possible we will enquire about work already being done in school on the topic.

Please also note that our speakers prefer to speaker to groups for 25 students plus.

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