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The Jewish Chaplain, Michael Adler

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The Jewish Chaplain, Michael Adler

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19th May 1915


Michael Adler was the Minister of Central Synagogue in London. When war broke out,  he took up the position of Territorial Chaplain. It was his responsibility to manage work in the UK whilst corresponding with Jewish soldiers at the Home Front. He soon realised that his services could be used to even better effect in France, he wrote;

“My work at home as a Territorial Chaplain soon proved to me that opportunities for valuable service in the war area would present themselves, if the necessary arrangements for proceeding abroad could be made”. 

In January 1915,  Adler went to France to assess the need of a Jewish Chaplain at the Home Front. After he returned to London, he presented a report to the War Office on his findings which showed a desperate need for a Jewish Chaplain at the front and was sent back to France.

Adler took up various quarters along the front line and obtained an official return of all the Jews in each division. Instead of the typical Chaplain’s badge, he wore a Star of David to make him easily identifiable. He would visit the units in a motor car provided for him and organise services.

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