The Holocaust Gallery

This intimate gallery tells the story of Auschwitz survivor, Leon Greenman OBE. Born in the East End of London, Leon was living with his family in the Netherlands when war broke out. Unable to prove their British nationality, the Greenmans faced a similar fate to their fellow Jews across Nazi-occupied Europe. Leon’s wife and son were murdered at Auschwitz. He survived six concentration camps and until his death in 2008 spoke to thousands of young people as a witness of the Holocaust, delivering a powerful message against racism.

The gallery displays many of Leon’s family possessions, including his wife’s wedding dress and his son’s toy, accompanied by a poignant film of Leon talking about his experiences.

It also features filmed testimonies from four Holocaust survivors who have also settled in Britain – Solly Irving, Jack Kagan, Josef Perl and Mala Tribich. Their experiences highlight the devastating impact of Nazi occupation for Jewish families across Europe, and the tremendous courage shown by those who survived.

The Holocaust Gallery is funded with support from The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.