Spotlight Display

Spotlight Display - Shavuot 2023

Our Spotlight display is located at the start of our History Gallery and showcases objects from the stores connected to a monthly theme. Each display is curated by museum staff, volunteers or co-curated with members of the community.

Discover hidden treasures and collections items that give a deeper insight into Jewish festivals, historical moments, or national heritage month themes.

Our current display centres on Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks – the Jewish holiday that is celebrated on the sixth day of the month of Sivan in the Hebrew calendar. This year, it falls between 25th– 27th of May.

The holiday has both an agricultural and biblical significance. Agriculturally, it marks the wheat harvest. Biblically, it commemorates the day God gave the Israelites the Torah on Mount Sinai and the connection between the Jewish Community & the Royal Family

Previous Spotlight Displays include Rosh Hashanah, Black History Month, Hanukah, HMD, LGBTQ+ History Month, Dorothy Levitt, Britain’s first female racing driver, and Jack Nissenthal, the the Nameless Hero of Operation Jubilee.

If you have an idea for a display please contact [email protected] with ‘Spotlight’ in the subject