Sephardi Voices: Jews from North Africa, the Middle East and Iran

8 June 2017 - 17 September 2017

“I left Baghdad many, many years ago. It didn’t leave me.”
Ivy Shashoua

‘Sephardi Voices’ brings to life the experiences of Jewish immigrants to the UK from across the Islamic world through objects, photographs, and video interviews of Jews from Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and beyond.

Jewish communities thrived in many North African and Middle Eastern countries and Iran for centuries, enriching and being enriched by their societies. Today, very few Jews remain, following mass departure and displacement since the middle of the 20th century.

This exhibition tells stories of co-existence and displacement, highlighting relationships and identities that transcend borders and cultures.

The interviews featured are part of the oral history archive Sephardi Voices UK, which gathers video testimonies to keep the memories of these vanished communities alive and to document the journeys of migration, exile, and resettlement.

With generous support from The Exilarch’s Foundation

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