Pitch Up: Community Voices

4 July 2021

Pitch Up: Community Connects


Pitch Up: Community Voices takes a new approach to community-led displays, offering a platform for a range of Jewish organisations and individuals to share their stories.

Inspired by the East End market stalls and with a focus on preserving British Jewish heritage, #PitchUp invites others to choose one set of items to discuss the themes of identity, memory and place.

What are the important stories to tell? What do organisations want to preserve for the future? How should the Museum better represent British Jewishness? The display asks these questions alongside questions posed by our residencies to our visitors.

The first 6 residencies include, Bevis Marks Synagogue, Chabad Islington, EcoSynagogue, the Foundation for Jewish Heritage, Jewish Care, and UCL PhD student, Mie Astrup Jensen.

Have a suggestion for a residency? Email [email protected] with #PitchUp