Jewish Museum - London


Meditations on Monstrosity

Date: Wednesday 31 October 2018

Time: 6-9pm

Price: free to ground floor, £10/£5

Categories: lates

Explore the museum after hours and ponder the meaning of it all – in this silent evening to meditate on life, mortality and monstrosity.

People will be able to take part in different silent activities:

  • Making paper flowers
  • Making paper skulls
  • Playing with the poem of 80 lines that Fiona has created to create new poems/stories 
  • A female actor reading out Frankenstein in English at the Shabbat table
  • A museum meditation tour led by Maya Attoun in silence

Ground Floor is free, £10/£5 to see the rest of the museum 

Box Office: 020 7284 7384 / [email protected]