Getting to know our visitors

by Milena Zettel, ARSP Volunteer and Museum Intern

At the core
of the Living Community gallery here at the Jewish Museum is a space that
encourages visitors to share their thoughts and reflections on four diverse topics – Faith, Home, Community, and Identity – all of which are important themes in Judaism,
Jewish history and in everyone’s life.


In the
course of the past six months, the Jewish Museum has been able to acquire
countless comments and opinions on the questions “Where do you belong?”, “What
do you believe in?”, “Where are you from?” and “Who are you?”.  

All equally inspiring and unique, the comments
left behind reveal personal and diverse stories as well as the truly differing
viewpoints from which those questions, linked to every person, can be


Below is a
collection of some of the highlights that we found on the living community
cards left by our visitors.


  • I believe that everyone should be allowed to believe in what they want to believe and no one should stop then.
  • I believe in everything.
  • Brotherhood. Sisterhood.


  • Your home isn’t where your house is, but where the people you love are. 
  • Prague – My grandfather was a Jew from Poland, he was arrested in Theresienstadt concentration camp in 1941. He survived, but was killed by the communist regime in the 50s.
  • I live in London. I am Jewish, however I do respect other religions.


  • I belong where my family and friends are.
  • England and Australia are my homes. I will never forget them, no matter how old I get. 
  • I’m from Brazil, yet I feel like as a Jew I belong to the whole world.


  • I’m a very happy Polish woman!
  • I am a former combat soldier. I fought for this country, for its people. People ask me, “Why did you do it man? Are you a war junkie?” I am not, I fought alongside my fellow soldiers for peace.
  • I am who I am. My character should be judged and nothing more.

It is interesting and highly inspirational that a reoccurring thought
shared is that we are all equal, regardless of our religion and origin – a theme
that ties in perfectly with the message that drives the Jewish Museum London.

Next time you visit the museum, make sure to leave your thoughts as well
in our living community gallery, we would really love to hear them!

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