Jewish Museum London is operating as a museum without walls, as we work towards a new permanent home. In the meantime you can find us in a range of places, both in person and online.

#VolunteersWeek – Introducing Ruth

Ruth has been a
volunteer at the museum since the re-opening in 2010. After retiring Ruth studied
a fine arts degree. “I had recently completed a Fine Art degree and was
looking for a weekly commitment. I have always been interested in Jewish history
and with the prospect of temporary art exhibitions as well it seemed ideal.”

Ruth especially enjoys the diversity that volunteering
brings. “I enjoy seeing my fellow volunteers and coming down to a buzzy
part of London I would not otherwise have been interested in visiting. 

“Volunteering has never been boring. One week assisting an enthusiastic absorbed
group of Year 1 children in the Judaica gallery with their worksheets and
another week seeing how happy elderly members of a Jewish care home became when
I suggested they watch the video of the 1925s weddings.”

Ruth feels it’s all about inclusion, her favourite
aspect of volunteering is meeting the visitors, young and old. “Jewish
and non-Jewish visitors come because of their interest in discovering and learning
more or something new about Judaism. The ever changing temporary exhibitions
attracts many people who would not otherwise have come to the museum.“


Her favourite object is the knuckleduster above. “A visitor
recently drew my attention to the knuckleduster in the History Gallery; I
didn’t know much about it before. It was used by the 43 Group. Her late father
had been a member of the Group, mostly former ex-servicemen who had served in
World War 2 and were determined to combat the revival of the British Union of
Fascists. The Group first met in Maccabi in 1946, disbanding in 1950. Members
included 17 year old Vidal Sassoon.”

Ruth’s top tip for being a volunteer is, “Enjoy it! Personally I make brief
notes to remember whom I have met and what I have learnt. Then I use the
internet so that I can more confidently pass on information to other visitors.”

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