Your Jewish Museum – Intrigue and Inspiration

by Lauren Hart, MA Student at King’s College London

Curious, devotional, intriguing and inspiring are all words
that spring to mind when I think of Your Jewish Museum: Love, which is coming to an end at the Jewish Museum London. 

This crowd-sourced exhibition carries the innately sensitive narrative of love
in many of its forms, from devotion clearly revealed in Josh Baum’s ‘Box of
Errors’ (detail below) through to marriage in Abigail Morris’ ‘Wedding Homily’.


A moment of great happiness occurred for me on 19 January, as I watched the participants and Jewish Museum staff, along with their loved ones, buzz around the objects, art works and film
that were on display, enjoying the exhibition launch.
It was evident that all had a great appreciation for one another, and were
eager to hear each other’s stories first hand; a great success.

As I look forward to the second stage of the project, on the theme of
Journeys, the many meanings people have attributed to the word has been
striking. Sub-themes such as wandering, pilgrimage, and walls have arisen, as
often we perceive meanings of words due to our own experiences.

A very positive impact of the project is the opening up of interfaith
dialogue of respect and understanding through knowledge. One of the aims of Your Jewish
Museum: Journeys
 is to draw different faith traditions together by their
objects, speaking to one another through the universal narrative of Journey.

Your Jewish Museum: Love runs until Sunday 19 April 2015.
Your Jewish Museum: Journeys runs from Tuesday 26 May – Friday 4 September 2015.

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