Central Saint Martins students inspired by Abram Games

by Tali Mendelsohn, Marketing and Events Consultant


To celebrate our Abram Games design exhibition, the museum has been collaborating with Central Saint Martins. Students from the Graphic Communication Design programme visited the exhibition and produced work inspired by Abram Games. Last week, the students showcased their work to me and Abram’s daughter, Naomi Games. Here are a few highlights: 

imageLiise Roll (left) made a series of postcards inspired by Abram’s use of bright blue and red for his initials, then incorporated a spiral to create this very eye-catching poster.

Using the Festival of Britain objects and design in the exhibition, Jurate Gacionyte (below left) created three colour versions of a geometric map of the UK with a compass inspired by Abram’s Festival of Britain logo. She was speechless when Naomi told her the little known fact that Abram himself had designed a geometric map of the UK!

Alice Bibette (below centre) created an interactive. She printed symbols and patterns from Abram Games’s work onto glass and made prototype glasses to view a few glass slides together to create different combinations.


Alex Kamara (above right) attended the workshop at the Jewish Museum on using the airbrush and was so inspired he went out and got one! He is combining airbrushing with letterpress to mix Abram Games quotes and illustration.

Nithin Karivardhan (below right) wanted his artwork to reflect Abram Games’s big presence in a house – his or the Jewish Museum. He used his illustration of Games on bold bright shapes to reflect this.

Ken Lim (below left) responded to the Jewish Museum as a place full of stories. He designed cards for people to write their story on and then suggested people add their story to a story wall and take with them a story left by someone else. 


Priscilla Odebode found a Hebrew translation of Abram Games and created a poster with the letter forms (above centre). Unfortunately Google Translate gave her a translation for games (as in games we play) rather than the Hebrew letters for ‘Games’ but luckily this is a work in progress and we helped her to find the right letters for her next draft.

Naomi Games said, “It was a real pleasure to meet the lovely students and see their inspired work.”

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