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LOVE… how do we celebrate, seal and remember it?


L to R: Boris Bennett, Wedding photograph of Mr and Mrs Simmons, 1935; 18th century wedding ring; Ketubah (marriage contract) 1806

Lend your own treasures to be displayed alongside ours in new exhibition series, Your Jewish Museum, beginning in January. 

Your object can speak to any type of love: divine, parental, romantic. Anything!

Let the pieces above inspire you, but feel free to submit anything from photographs to trinkets to fine art. Be creative, and share this invitation with friends, family, co-workers and community. Remember, you don’t have to be Jewish – this can still be Your Jewish Museum!

Email a photo of your object and a description (100 words max) of how it fits the theme of love to [email protected] by 1 November.

imageYour Jewish Museum is a Cultural Institute at King’s project in collaboration with the Department of Theology and Religious Studies and the Jewish Museum London. 

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