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Mindfulness at the Museum: A Secular Sabbath

Date: Saturday 12 March 2016

Time: 10.30am - 4.30pm

Price: £120 for both sessions (£90 for one session only)

Categories: talk workshop

Please note that these two session have been postponed. 

What is worth remembering? The words Sabbath and mindfulness have similar meanings; to remember.

Over two Saturdays we will we introduce mindfulness through interacting with objects from the museum, led by former Buddhist monk Amaranatho.

Just as the museum creates a space to explore heritage, identity and culture from a Jewish perspective, we will explore what they mean personally and collectively through our shared stories.

This is not a course in Judaism or just mindfulness it is a journey into centre of who we are and how we relate to one another. This course will give you an opportunity to create community and reflect on life as well as developing presence, non judgmental awareness and a heart of peace.

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Session 1: The Heart of the Museum
Date: Saturday 12 March 2016
Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm

The word Sabbath means to rest; what do you rest in? During this first session we will introduce what mindfulness is and explore it practically by connecting to the objects in the museum.

By opening our eyes to what we see, we can develop attention and clarity.

The ability to rest with life’s difficulties be they in the mind or externally is based on attention and clarity. Mindfulness is a tool that is scientifically researched to improve attention and clarity. By doing this the heart can have more joy, abundance, kindness and ultimately freedom.

Session 2: The Museum of Freedom
Date: Saturday 19 March
Time: 10.30am - 4.30pm 

Would you like to know what freedom is? Current scientific research on Mindfulness is about becoming a better person, the art of mindfulness is about deeply inquiring into who we are.

During our time together we will again explore the museum to see what we are looking at and what are looking from. It will take us on a inner journey to the core of who we are; giving us a opportunity to see for yourself a freedom not based on artefacts.  (This workshop is particular usefully if you are experienced meditators and stuck in your practise.)

The sessions are open to anyone regardless of faith or belief.

About Amaranatho

Amaranatho was brought in the Jewish tradition and struggled to find the happiness he was looking for as young man.

Soon after his Barmitzvah he left Judaism to find happiness and truth, he spent many years in search of this. This included working as a technical support manger for a computer company,  working hard to get a degree in Artificial Intelligence and being a world explorer.

Through meditation he encountered Buddhism and soon became a Monk, which he did for 15 years. This brought him back to Judaism where he has spoken at JW3, Limmund, runs Jewish Buddhist retreats and speaks on Buddhism at Leo Beck Rabbinical college and mentors trainee Rabbis. Amaranatho disrobed in April 2015.

What he shares is based on cutting edge science, ancient wisdom and creative multi-media. He is interested in the interpersonal aspect of mindfulness and how we can use our daily interaction with people to develop emotional resilience, kindness and peace. He has run over a hundred retreats and worked with 1000’s of people.

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