Jewish Museum - London


The Stories Behind Sukkot with Maureen Kendler

Date: Monday 2 October 2017

Time: 1-1.45pm

Price: Free admission

Categories: talks migration festival free

Learn more about the Jewish festival of Sukkot with broadcaster and journalist Maureen Kendler.

This is an opportunity for those new to the festival to learn more and for those familiar to go deeper in this free talk.

Join us inside our Sukkah installation and discover more including: 

  • Why Jews build a sukkah (shelter) during this festival. 
  • How the shelters are used during Sukkot. 
  • What an Etrog and Lulav are, why they are shaken and what they symbolise. 

Reserve your free place:
020 7284 7384 / [email protected]

Image credit: Wikicommons: Gilabrand