Jewish Museum - London

Prepare for your visit

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Teachers' Pack

We want you and your students to have an enjoyable and safe visit. Please read through the pack below for information about school visits.


Welcome Films

To learn more about what we offer and to help you and your students prepare for your visit you can watch our Welcome Films.

These films are designed to be watched by students prior to visiting the museum to improve confidence asking questions and to make students feel comfortable visiting a new and unfamiliar space. 

Pre-visits and Advice

The Learning Team is on hand to give advice about workshops and to help tailor sessions to meet both your students’ and curricular needs.

You are welcome to come in for a free teachers’ pre-visit and we can show you around the galleries and discuss selecting the best workshop for your students and offer guidance on filling in your risk assessment forms.

Email or call 020 7284 7384 and ask to speak to a member of the Learning Team.