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Take One - Olympic boxing shorts

History and Citizenship

This two hour interactive workshop encourages pupils to consider what life would have been like for immigrants to London at the end of the Victorian period. They step back in time in the gallery History: A British Story and meet the Jablonsky family, who migrated from Poland to London’s East End in the late 19th century. They handle objects relating to the home and typical East End trades and consider how they differ from those used today. Pupils relate the displays to their own family backgrounds to gain a greater understanding of the challenges facing immigrants today. The object in focus is a pair of shorts worn by a Jewish Olympic boxer, used to highlight the popularity of boxing in the East End.

National Curriculum Links
• History KS1 The way of life of people in the more distant past living in Britain
• History KS2 Victorian Britain
• Citizenship KS2 Using imagination to understand other people’s experiences

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