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This project challenges students’ preconceived ideas about Judaism and Jewish people by encouraging interfaith understanding and respect for others. The central workshop creates a ‘safe space’ for students to discuss Judaism with a specialist from the Learning Team using artefacts from the museum’s collection as a springboard for discussion. This takes place as an Outreach programme in school.

"I learnt more about Judaism and the differences and similarities between my religion."  Mohammed, Year 10 Student, Tower Hamlets

"Lots of antisemitism in the school... students will call each other ‘Jew’ as a way of insulting one another... the workshop gave them a better understanding of the diversity of Judaism and of Judaism as both a faith and way of life."  Liam, History teacher, Tower Hamlets

Further details

To summarise:

1) The cost of an Outreach visit to your school is:

  • £150 + VAT for a group of 30 for half a day
  • £225 + VAT for a group of 30+ for half a day
  • £225 + VAT for a group of 30 for a full day
  • £400 +VAT for a group of 30+ for a full day

2) An Outreach project – ie will take place within your school

3) Delivered by a Jewish Museum specialist using artefacts as a springboard for discussion in school with suggestions for follow-up lessons to be run by teachers.

4) Non-judgmental – within the workshop students are encouraged to raise their views within a ‘safe space’. This is a sensitive topic and the project is delivered and managed by an expert in this field.




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Connecting Lives Outreach Programme

Tackling antisemitism in Secondary Schools